The Problem With Plastic Wet Wipes

They’re Bad for the Environment, People, and Society

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Sewer Clogs

Every Year, Dozens of Cities Have Their Sewers Clogged by Plastic Wet Wipes, Often Branded as 'Flushable' - These Combine with Grease in the Sewers Creating so-called 'Fatbergs'

"'Fatberg' of congealed fat, wet wipes and waste discovered under Baltimore's streets, causing sewer overflows" -

The Baltimore Sun

Not a Good Deal

Boxes of Plastic Wet Wipes Often Contain Harsh and Skin Drying Chemicals that Consumers are Unaware of - Not to Mention They're Notorious for Drying Out
"Why the UK is Eyeing a Ban on Wet Wipes" - CBS News

Single Use Plastic

All Boxed, Disposable Wet Wipes are Made from some sort of Plastic Fibers, Which Eventually End up in Landfills or in the Ocean
(or clogging our sewers)-
"'Flushable' Wet Wipes are Harming Marine Life and Pushing Up Water Bills, Experts Warn" - The Telegraph

All Boxed Wet Wipes Are Made Of Plastic Fibers

Join us in The Fight Against wet Wipe Waste

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